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Sudden Movement of Body Parts , an indicative Omen


Twitching of body as omen

Twitching means sudden movement of the body parts. It is also an omen or nature's warning, the effects of which are detailed below. Such things are part of Samudrik Sashtra and LAL KITAB has discussed it in detail. It is said that left parts of woman and right part of man are auspicious.

Twitching of body part            Meaning

a)    Back of head                         It indicates journeys.
b)    Back of right hand                 It indicates company of loved ones
c)    Both cheek                             It indicates happiness.
d)    Centre of eyebrow                 It indicates company of loved ones
e)    Centre of eyes                       It indicates separation from wife
f)    Chin                                        It indicates Separation from loved one
g)    Forehead                               It indicates loss of money.
h)    Head                                       It indicates success in hopes.
i)    Left Arm                                   It indicates company of women
j)    Left breast                               It indicates Birth of child
k)    Left eye lid                              It indicates worries
l)    Left eye                                    It indicates separation from wives, worries.
m)    Left shoulder                          It indicates Victory over enemies
n)    Left side of eyebrow                It indicates birth of child and worries
o)    Left side of the forehead         It indicates success in hopes.
p)    Left underside of the arm        It indicates promotion in rank
q)    Right Arm                                It indicates happiness, gain in profession
r)    Right breast                             It indicates worries
s)    Right cheek                             It indicates Loss of money
t)    Right ear                                  It indicates gain in profession.
u)    Right eye                                 It indicates success in hopes
v)    Right eye lid                            It indicates happy new.
w)    Right side eyebrow                 It indicates gain of money.
x)    Right side of the fore head      It indicates journeys.
y)    Right under side of arm           It indicates happiness
z)    Tongue                                    It indicates quarrels




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