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Indications of Weak Mercury in the Horoscope


Indications of weak Mercury in Horoscope

Indications are lack of intelligence, poor communication skills, speech defects, weak memory, immaturity, foolishness, lack of self- control, addictions loss in business or shares and dependencies. Native may be slow, dull, daydreaming or irrational. There may be problems for girls of the family. Physical factors are weakness of nervous system, tremors anxiety, insomnia, TB, Vertigo palpitations, dry or itchy skin, hypersensitivity of sense and allergies. The lungs and heart may also be weak. Mercury rules over solar plexus, speech and nervous system.

Astrological factors

i)       Aspects from malefics weaken Mercury.

ii)       By being in its debility (in Pisces) or residency in difficult Trika house.

iii)      When combust retrograde or lost in planetary war.

iv)      When as Kendra Lord placed in Kendra in other than its own sign.

It represents North direction and is generally benefic for Lagna of Mercury, Venus and Saturn, where his positive qualities of intelligence, business acumen, discrimination and power of communication can be strengthened. In his own Nakshtra Mercury gives great mental power, vision and self-confidence. In Nakshtra of Sun it neutralgises results. Native is highly imaginative and worrying in Nakshtra of Moon; in the Nakshtra of Mars constant headache, mental aberration and nervous temperament results; in Nakshtra of Jupiter, it gives good stamina; in Nakshtra of Venus, it causes leucoderma; mental aberrations result in Nakshtra of Saturn; in Nakshtra of Rahu mental diseases, timidity and inferiority complex result; megalomania and mental aberrations result when in Nakshtra of Ketu.

Physiological Indicators of weak Planet

Mercury represents the power of judgment. It can create a net of information that trap the soul in the realm of the senses or a ladder of values and principles through which the soul can ascend. The main issue of Mercury is right discrimination whether we direct our reason towards organizing the impressions gathered from the sense or towards discriminating the truth from false hood.


 Presiding deity for Mercury is lord Vishnu and  lord Ganesha .


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