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Indications of Weak Mars in the Horoscope


Indications of a weak Mars in the Horoscope

The native lack energy and motivation and inability to do work. Native can't stand up for himself, be free from fear and domination by others. He may be overly passive, easily controlled or may even be abused. He may be involved in court cases, face loss due to fire/theft/land problem. Physical immune system will be weak with low appetite, low body weight, burns, and ruptures in capillaries, weak liver, intestines or possible hemorrhages. There may be tendency for bleeding or injuries with slow healing and possible anaemia. For males there may be lack of sexual vitality. Mars also denotes lack of blood & muscles power.

Astrological Factors for weak Mars in Chart

i.        In its sign of fall (Cancer).

ii.       When combust

iii.      When aspect by malefic (Saturn & Rahu)

iv.      When in difficult houses (5, 8, 9 and 12th).

He represents South direction and is generally benefic for Cancer, Leo, Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius & Pisces Lagna; where his positive qualities like energy and insight can be strengthened. Mars represents one's ambition/ desires, mental & muscular strength and marital character and leadership.

Mars in his own Nakshtra or in the Nakshtra of Jupiter gives good health. In the Nakshtra of Sun anemia results; in Nakshtra of Moon various skin diseases and blood related diseases results; mental aberration results in Nakshtra of Mercury; in Nakshtra of Venus predisposition and Venereal diseases result; in Nakshtra of Saturn suicidal tendencies and sexual perversions; and in Ketu's Nakshtra- high B.P and irritable nature.

Psychological indicators of weak Mars

Mars represents the need of energy to transform itself. All energy is seeking a result. All life requires a direction and goal. The issue of Mars energy is directing it forwards a real transformation, arriving at an enduring achievement, the change of our own consciousness into the realm of oneness.

Deity for Planet Mars

The presiding deity for Mars is Subrahmanyam or Hanuman for odd signs and Chamunda/ Bhadrakaali for even signs.


Beej Mantra :

"Om Kraam Kreem Kroom sah Bhomaye Namah"

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