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Indications of Weak Moon in the Horoscope


Indications of weak Moon

It include emotional instability, anxiety, inability to relate to other people, fear of intimacy and weak emotions. The native will lack self-contentment and find it difficult to stand the stress and strain or to withhold secrets and be diplomatic in life. There will be emotional moodiness, depression and negativity. Mind may be cloudy, dull or disturbed. The mother of native may also suffer in life in various ways. Physical factors include anaemia, low body fluids, dehydration, and lack of body weight, constipation, dry skin, weak lungs, bronchitis, varicose veins and kidney. There may be difficulty with standing dryness and heat. For women there may be infertility and menstrual difficulties.

Astrological Factors where the Moon is weak

i.        When waning particularly when new.

ii.       When in its fall (Scorpio)

iii.      When aspected by malefics.

iv.      When placed in a Trika house.

Aspect of Rahu and Saturn are most difficult unless compensated by Jupiter. It represents NW direction and is benefic for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Lagna, where it gives emotional strength, friendliness and love. Moon represents mind, mother, conception and infant age of a native. Moon in her own Nakshtra or in Nakshtra of Jupiter gives robust health; in Nakshtra of Sun native become temperamental; in Nakshtra of Mars causes skin diseases, complaints of menstruation; blood or urine; in Nakshtra of Mercury person becomes highly imaginative or moody; in Nakshtra of Venus causes Venereal diseases and poor health resistance; in Nakshtra of Saturn mental disorders; in Nakshtra of Rahu causes various phobias and timidity and in Nakshtra of Ketu, native becomes irritable and aggressive.

Psychological Indicators

Moon represents the mind or consciousness (Manas), our feeling potential. Main Lunar issue is peace and receptivity of mind. This is achieved by surrender of mind to the divine neither by any mental activity / achievement nor by any surrender of force. Our feeling, sensitivity does not have to be denied or controlled. It merely needs to be directed in the right way.

Deity- The presiding duty for Moon is Varun (water) but if Moon is strong, worship Goddess Durga; Kaali if Moon is weak and Chamunda if Moon is in Aries/ Scorpio.

Beej Mantra for Planet Moon :

"Om shraam shreem shroom sah chandraye namaha "


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