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Astrology is a science, deals with cosmic influences of planets on the human beings of the Earth. These influences are due to impact of gravitational cum electromagnetic forces thrown by various planets while moving around our solar system. Astrology is a study of the impact of these cosmic vibrations in the immeasurable expanse of macrocosm visa-vis microcosm and to ameliorate the human life - the body, mind & soul. Moon's gravitational influence on Earth is greater than that of any other planet owing to its proximity to Earth and its relatively high velocity in Zodiac. It also acts as a magnificent mixer and filter for all sorts of cosmic vibrations before they reach the surface of Earth. Moon's nodes (Rahu & Ketu) are supposed to be gravimagnetic cross roads in space.

These influences can be benefic or malefic.The study of astrology cannot fulfill its mission unless it evolves remedies for the benefit of the mankind. Hence study of astrology necessitates a study of astrological remedies as well. Imagine how a patient will feel if a good doctor after examining him tells that he is suffering from typhoid or heart problem but does not suggests him any remedial/ mitigating measure.

The remedies are meant to ward off or mitigate the sufferings. The astrological remedies are required to offset or cancel planetary afflictions. Some astrologers suggest remedies for pacification of evil influences of planet, while some other prescribe remedies for enhancement of benefic influences in order to keep the malefic influences under check.

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What is a remedy?

1.       Astrology is as much concerned with directing the natives how to balance their planetary influences as it is to inform them as to what these influences may be. Like a good doctor, an astrologer should inform the natives how and what he can do to improve their conditions rather than simply notifying them about their problems.

2.       Astrology can be one of our links to the cosmic intelligence and power. It helps us to implement a life regime in harmony with Nakshtras. This entails using good forces around us like gems and colours; and uses more auspicious methods like rituals, mantras, meditation etc.

3.       Remedies are like medicines that should be applied sparingly and with caution. There are some people who are addicted to the remedies and blindly use them thinking that like vitamin tablets, would cause no harm. One must always remember that remedies are like tranquilizers and excessive use of theirs may again cause planetary imbalance in some other way.

Application of Remedies

1. Remedies can be broadly divided into two- curative and preventive. Curative remedies are followed when the evil effects of planetary imbalance as indicated by Dasha system and transit have Nakshtrated showing their symptoms. In such case remedies prescribed for the concerned pianet are to be followed. Secondly as sage Parashar had stated in chapter 54 to 62 of Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, during Antar-dashasof various Dasha lords, some evils may take place as mentioned therein. To ward off those evils, one should follow the preventive remedies for that Antar-dasha period only.

2.       For any native we know the benefic and malefic planets and among them strong and weak ones as explained earlier in this chapter. Based on these, planets for any native can be grouped under following four heads;

i)       Benefics and strong planets.

ii)       Benefics but weak planets.

iii)      Malefics and strong Planets.

iv)      Malefics but weak Planets.

3.       No remedy is required for type (i) planets except when they happen to be lord of Lagna, 5th or 9th house, where some astrologers suggest that one should still strengthen them to improve overall strength of the horoscope. Type (iv) planets should preferably be left untouched- let the sleeping devils sleep. Type (ii) & (iii) planets will need remedial measures for welfare of the native. However while following remedial measures to reduce the strengths of strong malefics, one should simultaneously strengthen the friendly benefics like Venus and Mercury so as not to disturb the overall balance.

4.       Another criteria for application of remedial measures is to appease the planets not favourably disposed in a horoscope. Unfavourable planets mean;

i)       Trika lords when placed in other than own Trika houses.

ii)       Lord of auspicious houses when afflicted by malefics by conjunction or aspect or when they are combust or weak in planetary strength or when they are placed in a Trika house

iii)      Natural malefics Mars, Saturn and Rahu when retrograde or stationary in motion or when they are in a Trika house or rule over 3rd, 5th or 7th Nakshtra from the favourite Nakshtra or when they are in mutual square.

iv)      If Rahu/ Ketu joins some natural benefic, they sap the attributes of such a planet. Rahu/ Ketu may give good results due to natural benefic joining it, but the natural benefic suffers. Such a benefic must be appeased.

v)      Ancient sages have held 2nd & 7th house as Maraka. So the lords of these houses and planets placed / associated with these houses have got to be appeased during their respective period/ sub- periods.

You can Consult Astroshastra Expert with your Birthdetails and Query Online. 


Sunil Sobti

Sunil Sobti is a renowned astrologer with indepth knowledge about indian astrology and providing Astro remedies since last 17 years.

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