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Auspicous and Inauspicious Omens of Dog


    Omens of Dog

a)    If a cloth is found in the mouth of the dog it predicts troubles for the native.

b)    If a dog brings wet bone before the persons that is considered auspicious and a good omen for some good work.

c)    If a dog is standing in South East direction and weeps while facing Sun indicates danger and loss through thieves or fire.

d)    If a dog picks up the shoe and approaches a person with his mouth upward in a fortunate indication.

e)    If a dog smells the shoe indicates a journey which is a good omen.

f)    If a dog weeps during the night in a group indicate earthquake.

g)    If a dog weeps in a house or on the roof top, indicates that calamity will befall on that house.

h)    If a dog weeps while facing Sun in the Noon indicates death or loos through fire and bloodshed.

i)    In case dog brings dry bone or burning wood denote death during journey.

j) Weeping of dog at the roof top indicates forthcoming calamity on the house.

k) When a dog sits putting his head on the entrance of the house and the balance body is outside the entrance and looks at house lady
or weeps denotes ill health or disease for the lady.

I) When a person starts for journey and the dog licks the feet of the native or twitches his ears indicates hindrance in the journey.



Sunil Sobtii

Sunil Sobtii is a renowned astrologer with indepth knowledge about indian astrology and providing Astro remedies since last 16 years.

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