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Significance of Seeing Air in Dream



To dream that you see it clear and serene, shows you shall be beloved and esteemed by all people, and that those who are your enemies and envy you shall be reconciled to you. It also denotes the discovery of lost goods or things that have been stolen.

If the person so dreaming by at law or journey he shall be successful therein. And, in short, all good things are denoted by a clear and serene air.

But to dream that the air is cloudy, dark, and troubled, denotes to the dreamer sadness, grief, sickness, melancholy, loss of goods, failing of business, and is in all things the reverse of dreaming what we have before mentioned of a clear and serene air.

But to dream that the air is very calm and without winds or storms denotes your life to be peaceable and acceptable to all company; and that whatever business journey by land, or voyage by sea you undertake, shall prosper and succeed according to you wishes.



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