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Planets and Dieties for Mantra Chanting


Planets and their deities, which appease the Planets by Mantra Chanting in Indian Astrology

1.    Jupiter: Deity is Lord Vishnu
Jupiter is appeased through worship of Lord Vishnu. If it is positioned favourably in the chart then all deities will favour the native but if vice-versa then all are in unfavourable to him.

2.    Ketu: Deity is Lord Ganesha
Ganpati Bappa is worshipped for appeasing Ketu.

3.    Mars: Deity is Lord Kartikeya
Mars is propitiated as per its position in the natal chart. Kartikeya (during satvic signs i.e., Cancer Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) or Bhairava are worshipped when odd signs are occupied by the planet and Chamundi and Bhadarkali are worshipped when even signs are occupied by it.

4.    Mercury: Dieity is Incarnations of Lord Vishnu
Incarnations of Lord Vishnu are worshipped for appeasing Mercury. First and Second Drekkans (Ten degrees of a sign) of fixed signs occupied by Mercury signifies Lord Krishna, third for Vishnu. Narayan, Rama and so on.

5.    Moon: Deity is Goddess Durga
Moon is appeased according to its placement in the chart. Benefic Moon represents Goddess Durga whereas if it is malefic or weak then Goddess Bhadarkali is worshipped to appease. It Martian signs are occupied by Moon, when it is weak, then Raktheswar, Raktha, Chamundi are worshipped.

6.    Rahu: Deity is Goddess Durga
Durga, Narashima and Serpent God are worshipped for appeasing Rahu.

7.    Saturn: Deity is Hanuman
Hanuman, Brahma, Vishnu and Kiratha are worshipped for appeasing Saturn.

8.    Sun: Lord Shiva
Sun is considered at par with lord Shiva. Irrespective of its position, the devotee is advised to worship lord Shiva. It is considered lord Ganesha when 1st or 2nd drekkana (Ten degrees of a sign) of a common sign are occupied by it.

9. Venus: Deity is Goddess Annapoorneshwari
Lakshmi, Parvati and Yakshi are worshipped for appeasing Venus.



Sunil Sobtii

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