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Triguna in Vastushastra - Satva, Tamasa, Rajasa



The entire cosmic creation or prakritti comprises three universal attributes or gunas individually these gunas are referred to as sattva, rajas and tamas.

Sattva is the force of coherence, evolution and growth, representing the creative positive element.

Tamas is the power of inertia, which leads to atrophy and dissolution and is therefore the destructive, negative energy.

Rajas typifies the energy that moves between the two extreme poles of sattva and tamas and manifests itself as action, change and movement.

Everything in the world is an expression of these gunas. Every object contains different proportions of these gunas. Vaastu identifies how the three gunas function within the confines of home and how they relate to different cardinal corrections.

1. The north-east square is the sattva portion of any given space. This area should be kept cleared and uncluttered as it is enhanced by the energy of clarity and spaciousness.

2. The south-west corner, tamasic position, receives the least amount of light and therefore dark,inert and good location for sleeping.Tamas is also able to withstand heavy weights.

3. The south-east and north-west are are considered to be rajas. These areas are best for activities such as cooking, eating and talking.

The north direction consists of half sattva and half rajas. Throughout life a person must strive to move towards integration and unity, which is the highest mental state.

The north-east represents this state of being and is therefore the strongest and positve area. The south-west is considered to be the weakest place in a room or a house.



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